Wine / Coffee Tourism


Visiting a coffee plantation is always a fantastic thing for human being health and mind relaxation. Coffee & Wine is a family business here. Here you will find the widest range of wines from all over the world. The wines can be both enjoyed on the spot together as well as taken along with you for enjoying at home.

We try offer coffee from various regions. To find your favorite coffee, a barista will give you an advice with which you are comfortable and we make every cup of coffee special with a latte art. Together with coffee, we offer to taste freshly home-made cakes, luxurious cheese and chocolate cakes. You can also purchase coffee beans or ground coffee for home or as a gift for others. We offer an interesting assortment of products which are not available in supermarkets. Besides, due attention is paid to visitors who do not drink any coffee or wine – they can chose various teas and other alcoholic and soft drinks or cocktails.

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